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international business consulting

The economy is becoming increasingly global and there are no more frontiers. With the internet available even in the poorest countries, communication is available via cheap phone plans and even free services such as skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. It is becoming so easy to sell your products all over the world. Today, with products made all over the world, any business needs to understand the international climate and be a player in this huge market.

Whether you are a US based Company who wants to open up to other Countries or a foreign Company who wants to start doing business here in the US, we can assist you in reaching out to new Clients and understanding the cultures and laws of the Country you want to do business with. We have partners in many countries, who can assist with every aspect of transactions from currency exchange to tariffs, to transit cost, to risk, to language barriers and local issues one needs to know.

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For foreign Companies who want to do business in the US, we can either represent them, assist them to open a legal company that will be doing business in the US, or simply be a point of contact who will assist in arranging meetings and showrooms, and in some cases attend the meetings or showrooms with the foreign client or on behalf of the client.

Our team is well equipped to manage businesses and branches that foreign firms would like to establish here in the US.