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Existing business consulting

We help our clients who have been in business identify its strengths and its weaknesses. We meet and analyze the whole business. We look at all aspects starting with the expenses of the business. The easiest way to make more profit is identifying expenses that can be eliminated or reduced. That is pure profit a business owner can recoup without any marketing and without hiring any new staff to generate more income. We look at payroll cost, insurance and worker’s compensation rates, accounting fees, legal fees, and even office supplies and try to identify ways to save while maintaining the same or a better level of service.

After we review and analyze the business expenses, we look at ways to generate more revenue. We look at the online presence, the website and whether it needs some improvements or addition in order to attract more customers. We also make sure the business has a presence in the social media platform and ensure that is active.

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We then look for ways to retain whatever profits are made by making sure the business is well structured and does not have any flaws that might trigger audits or lawsuits, which in turn might drain the business resources and in many instances, bring businesses down.
One very important aspect many businesses do not focus on and sometime under estimate is employee turn over and retaining good talent. According to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, turn over cost Organizations as much as 33% of an employee’s total compensation, including both salary and benefits. Not only does it impact the financial side of a business, but it negatively affects employee morale as well. We assist businesses put in place policies that will reduce turn over, retain good employees, and make employees motivated and involved in the success of the business.

Last but not least, we analyze the cash flow of the business and make sure it is well-structured to deal with any crisis or unseen events.

We basically help our clients operate their business more efficiently, by generating the maximum income, minimizing expenses, which translates into increasing the bottom line. We understand that many of our advice and recommendations might be simple and common sense but business owners and managers are usually too busy operating the business and dealing with the day to day business that they do not have the time or the resources to analyze or sometime even recognize that there are ways to cut costs and improve profitability.