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Parking and Transportation Consulting

This specific service could be a great value to any party planner or special event specialist in organizing medium to large-scale events

Parking and transportation is a major component of any successful event, especially in large Cities such as Los Angeles.

We have the experience and expertise to advise on the most efficient way to provide the right parking and valet parking services, depending on the unique situation of any venue and the needs of the client. We recommend having guests park at an off-site parking lot (that we can help secure), recommend how many attendants should be scheduled, along with how many along with what kind of shuttles shall be used.

Our team handled some high end and large scale events for clients such as NBC, MTV, E! Entertainment, HBO, the Grammy’s, the Oscar’s, American Idol premieres and season finales, the Voice season end after parties, and many others.

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In addition, our office can handle some parking permits with the City where the Event is taking place.

Our firm can recommend vendors needed for services such traffic control, parking attendants, valet parking attendants, shuttle providers, luxury car service, and security teams.

Last but not least, and if needed, one of our representatives can be present the day of the event to oversee and basically be the client’s eyes outside the Venue, insuring the services provided and promised by the vendors are to the client’s satisfaction and making sure guests are well taken care of upon their arrival as well as their (departure from the event. In some instances, we make sure the client’s special guests or top executives along with celebrities are handled properly upon their arrival and their vehicles are handled with special care.