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About Us

Nationwide Consulting provides consulting and coaching services to start up businesses, small businesses already in operation, and international firms who need assistance and guidance doing business in the US. We also provide support and advice to Special Event planners pertaining to certain logistical needs that most large Events encounter, especially in large Cities.


With our lengthy experience managing Companies from different industries, we believe and are confident that our services are a great value to our clients and will help them avoid costly mistakes and establish a good foundation and structure when starting their business, which will help them along with existing businesses grow and increase their bottom line.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for the first consultation?
How do you assist start up businesses?
Do you help restructure an existing business?
Do you assist with logo, website design/development and IT support?
How much are your fees?
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Our Services

Startup business consulting - 55%
Existing business consulting - 14%
International business consulting - 10%
Parking and Transportation Consulting - 21%


Younes Bennani, the founder of Nationwide Consulting holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Law. He has been involved in business management for over 20 years. During that time, he dealt with all aspects of business from setting up, to growing it, to dealing with all sort of legal issues many businesses face. He managed companies with annual revenues as high as 40 Million dollars and staffing levels as high as 450 employees.

Among the industries he was involved in are parking management companies, transportation companies consisting of taxis and luxury car service, waterless car wash service, private security companies, messenger service, gas stations, and restaurants.

Through his experience managing all these businesses, he noticed a trend in most of these businesses in which business owners are too busy operating that they disregard some important aspects of the business such as proper accounting, business safety and risk management, resulting in lawsuits and unnecessary expenses that end up bringing those businesses down, no matter how strong their sales are. He also learned how a poor cash flow management as opposed to efficient planning can affect a business and be an obstacle to growth opportunities.

The bottom line is that every business needs to have a strong foundation, a solid structure, a well defined cash flow policy especially if there are partners involved, a strong risk management policy to avoid or minimize legal issues, as well as a strong accounting system and back up system to know where the business is financially at any time, to avoid any unnecessary penalties or issues with the revenue authorities such as the IRS.